Friday, 30 January 2009

Interesting weblinks! - Drawn! is a fantastic illustration/cartooning blog where professional illustrators and designers post daily with videos, internet links, interviews and various other creative materials to help inspire others. There are some fantastic gems on there and it's bound to have something to inspire everyone. Great browsing for when you're struggling to get inspired for your latest projects or just need a creative boost. - Passion Pictures is an independant production company who produce many of the great animated adverts and music videos that have been released recently. Some of their more recent and notable works that you may have seen are the new Audi Q5 "Box" animated advert, and the Gorrilaz music videos. This website has some wonderful pieces of good quality commercial animation available to watch, and there are some great examples of how different animation styles can be applied to popular culture and advertising. I'd recommend watching the Coldplay "Don't Panic" and Thomas Fersen "2 Pieds" music videos on there. - A huge archive of illustrators and examples of their work, easily sectioned so if you have a specific interest or style that you like you can search to find a variety of work to suite your own taste. There are a lot of interesting and varied pieces on there, and it's easy to see why animation and illustration are so closely linked! - "30 Unforgettable Movie Opening Sequences" is a really wonderful online article with video clips of some of the greatest and inspiring film openings to date! The article covers a variety of different films spanning different genres and styles. It's really great when a film has a wonderful opening sequence to set the scene, and the clips mentioned on this site really set the scene well. My favourite is the Casino Royale opening on there, absolutely great! - An independant UK based manga group who make and sell all of their own comics. They focus on storytelling rather than artist skill, but requirements to join their group are that you draw in a manga style. They are largely influenced by Japanese manga but have been bringing a new unique style to their comics, so it's definitely worth taking a look. - My favourite animated music video, ever. The song is beautiful, as is the animation. This was one of the animated music videos which inspired me to want to do animation, it combines stopmotion with rotoscoping in such an amazing way. - Official website to the Photographer's gallery, a small gallery on Ramilles Street which regularly holds very interesting exhibitions by upcoming photographers. They are currently showing a photography prize exhibition with some amazing new work. - This is ridiculously cute and catchy. You'll never look at eggs in the same way again. A UK based independent video game production company, who mainly focus on point-and-click games. The games are free to download so far, so it's really worth taking a look at what they've made! They have produced some really great work and it's a good example of how collaborating with various other students can help to create great things. - Carbonmade is an online portfolio site where you can upload your own work to show it to the world, and attract potential freelance jobs! It's interesting to see some of the work that people have put up on there.

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