Friday, 20 February 2009

Literary Review 2 – Chuck Jones and MGM – Re-evaluating Tom and Jerry (Kevin O’Brien)

Chuck Jones and MGM – Re-evaluating Tom and Jerry
Animation Journal Fall 1996
By Kevin O’Brien

This journal article discusses the Tom and Jerry works by Chuck Jones and the differing positive, but mostly negative attitudes towards his work. The article attempts to discuss as to why Chuck Jones’ Tom and Jerry Works have been shunned into the shadow of the Hanna-Barbera shorts.

Many writers have split the Tom and Jerry series into three categories rather than viewing them as an entirety. The categories are the Hanna-Barbera films, the Gene Deitch films and the Chuck Jones films. Chuck Jones’ films are often viewed by writers and animators as being less funny and characterised. Kevin O’Brien discusses in the article that we should be able to appreciate Chuck Jones’ work for its own merits and values, looking at how and why the essence of Tom and Jerry has been kept in his films. O’Brien comments "The criteria for a positive evaluation should not be limited to how funny the stories may or may not be or whether each film is a masterpiece when compared to the Hanna-Barbera films or Jones’s other animation work."

This article was really interesting to read, and was helpful as to further understand the depths of the Tom and Jerry series, however I do not think it has provided me with any understanding the comdy of the series, only the history and background of it. Therefore, I think this article will only help me to form arguments concerning the difference between particular Tom and Jerry series.

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