Friday, 20 February 2009

Literary Review 3 - Monty Python : Lust For Glory

Monty Python: Lust for Glory
Cineaste 26, Fall 2001
By David Sterritt and Lucille Rhodes

Monty Python: Lust for Glory is an in-depth magazine review of the works of the Monty Python group and their collection of works throughout the years, discussing their various films and TV series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The article discusses each of the Python’s contributions to their work, but more importantly what their work has contributed to the world of comedy, arguing that "This is not an enormous body of work, but it’s had enormous influence on large- and small screen- comedy thanks partly to its high laugh content and partly to its innovations in comic writing and performance." The article moves on to discuss their unique humour and influence upon British comedy, but also different sources that have influenced their work aswell.

The article covers the important areas of the Python films, but what I found to be most helpful and interesting in the article was the discussion of the animated segments in the Flying Circus series. The article discusses why Terry Gilliam chose to insert animated segments into the series, and how they add to the comedy built up in each episode. I found this article particularly helpful regarding my essay as it has helped me to understand that the animation in the series was not just created to create comedy but also work alongside the comedy created by the live-action sequences in the series.

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